Source: The Baltimore Banner

Shamia Onley, despite not being allowed pets as a child, developed a passion for animals, leading her to volunteer at animal hospitals and pursue a degree in general agriculture with a pre-Veterinary focus at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). Now a senior, Onley aims to become a veterinarian to advocate for animals. UMES is set to become the second historically Black college or university (HBCU) in the U.S. to offer a Veterinary school, addressing a shortage of Black veterinarians.

The three-year program aims to graduate students faster and meet the growing demand for veterinarians. UMES plans to construct a dedicated building for the Veterinary school, attracting attention to HBCUs. The program is expected to enroll 100 students, helping to continue UMES’ enrollment growth. Onley plans to apply to other Veterinary schools, but keeps UMES in mind, highlighting the importance of diversifying the Veterinary workforce and establishing pipelines from HBCUs.

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