Source: KTTN

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has introduced new animal health regulations for beef and swine exhibitors at fairs and exhibitions. Exhibitors are now required to provide a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) completed by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days of the event, listing all shows the animal will participate in during that time. In addition, beef and swine projects must be identified with official forms of identification such as National Uniform Eartagging System (NUES) tags, Animal Identification Number (AIN) tags, registration tattoos, or ear notches accompanied by farm records for unregistered swine.

These measures aim to mitigate the risk of disease transmission within Missouri herds. Exhibitors are urged to coordinate with local veterinarians, 4-H leaders, FFA advisors, or fair superintendents to ensure compliance. The regulations already apply to sheep and goat exhibitors. Questions can be directed to the Missouri Department of Agriculture Animal Health team. Full exhibition requirements are available on the department’s website.

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