Source: Today’s Veterinary Business

The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine is embarking on a $2.8 million project to build the Richard Lichter Advanced Dentistry and Oral Surgery Suite at Ryan Veterinary Hospital. The renovation aims to accommodate the growing demand for the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service, attracting clients nationally and globally. The facility will feature advanced equipment, including a cone-beam computed tomography system, enhancing diagnostic capabilities for complex surgeries like cleft palate repair and oral tumor removal.

Major funding is provided by Richard Lichter, a private-equity investor and Penn Vet board member. This expansion follows Lichter’s previous donation for the Richard Lichter Emergency Room in 2019. The investment reflects Lichter’s appreciation for the hospital’s role in saving animals’ lives. Penn Vet was the first in North America to establish a Veterinary dentistry and oral surgery program, emphasizing its pioneering commitment to animal care and research.

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