Source: BNN: The People’s Network

PetPaceTM introduces PetPace 2.0, an AI-powered smart dog collar revolutionizing pet health monitoring. The collar monitors vital signs and biometrics like temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate, offering real-time data for early detection of health issues. Endorsed by universities, it features a vet-grade, AI-driven system, including a pain indicator and wellness index for comprehensive care without invasive procedures. Using non-invasive sensors and GPS for location tracking, it ensures safety.

Dr. Asaf Dagan, co-founder of PetPace, highlights its continuous monitoring capabilities, enabling early detection and remote assessment of pets’ conditions. This innovation enhances pets’ quality of life and brings peace of mind to owners. With ongoing development integrating machine learning, PetPace signifies the potential for preventative care and early diagnosis in pets, emphasizing the pivotal role of AI in Veterinary care’s evolution.

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