Source: The Ledger

Florida lawmakers are considering two bills in the 2024 Legislative Session to improve access to Veterinary care in the state. The Veterinary Workforce Innovation Act (SB 1038/HB 1245) proposes the creation of a Veterinary professional associate role, allowing individuals with a master’s degree in Veterinary clinical care to provide affordable care, including pet sterilizations, under licensed veterinarians. The Providing Equity in Telemedicine Services Act (HB 849/SB 1040) seeks to update Florida’s laws to enable veterinarians to use telehealth effectively, addressing gaps in care for pets unable to visit clinics for various reasons.

The bills aim to address the challenges pet owners face in accessing Veterinary care, especially during a workforce shortage. Public support for these initiatives is high, with 90% of registered Florida voters favoring the Veterinary professional associate role and 89% supporting expanded access to Veterinary telemedicine. Passing these bills is seen as vital for improving Veterinary care accessibility in Florida.

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