Source: Nature World News

Opossums are renowned for their resistance to rabies due to their relatively lower body temperature, making it inhospitable for the virus. However, a recent incident in Brazil where an opossum succumbed to rabies has raised concerns, particularly in urban areas where they coexist with fruit-eating bats. The case underscores the risk of rabies in urban environments and the need for vigilance, especially since the virus has been eradicated from dogs in Sao Paulo.

The study, “Naturally Acquired Rabies in White-Eared Opossum, Brazil,” published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, confirms opossums’ vulnerability to rabies and other diseases. Despite their resistance to rabies, opossums can carry various diseases, posing risks to humans through bites and scratches. Health authorities advise seeking medical attention if bitten or scratched by animals potentially carrying rabies or other diseases.

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