Source: Pet Age 

RedRover has allocated $438,900 in Safe Housing grants across various shelters to enhance or establish pet-friendly accommodations. This cycle marks a significant first with $200,000 dedicated to homeless shelters for creating pet-friendly spaces, thanks to an anonymous donor. Domestic violence shelters received $222,800, and animal shelters received $16,100. Grants, which can reach up to $60,000, support initiatives like building or renovating pet housing, fostering programs, and covering veterinary expenses.

Partnering with KONG, RedRover ensures each grantee receives dog and cat toys, enhancing the program’s supportive environment. President and CEO Katie Campbell expressed special appreciation for expanding funding to homeless shelters, fostering safety for both guests and their pets. Recipients include shelters nationwide, each adapting facilities to accommodate pets, thus supporting survivors in seeking safety together. The initiative aligns with RedRover’s broader mission, backed by initiatives like the 25 by 2025 campaign, aiming to make 25% of domestic violence shelters pet-friendly by 2025.

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