Source: PetFood Industry 

Get Joy, a dog wellness company, released a research report titled “Chasing our Tails,” revealing a disconnect between dog owners’ intentions and actions regarding their pets’ health. Conducted by Torfac, the survey of 1,000 dog parents found that while 97% recognize the importance of diet for longevity, only 12% feed their dogs fresh food. Processed foods are prevalent despite their negative health impacts.

Key findings include high confidence in understanding pet health but poor diet practices, with only 53% regularly feeding healthy food and 75% relying on processed diets. Notably, 50% of U.S. dogs are obese, highlighting the need for better nutrition. Dr. Brett Levitzke emphasized that simple dietary changes can significantly improve canine wellness. The report calls for increased awareness and better dietary practices to enhance dogs’ health and longevity.

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