Research conducted at two CVS referral hospitals compared the incidence of thoracolumbar invertebral disc extrusions (IVDE) between Dachshunds and Basset Hounds. The study retrospectively analyzed the medical records of 188 Basset Hounds and 270 Dachshunds. Results showed a significantly higher prevalence of IVDE in Dachshunds (77.4%) compared to Basset Hounds (36.2%).

Dachshunds also exhibited earlier onset and more severe symptoms, with a lower proportion of midlumbar IVDE and higher rates of non-ambulatory status at discharge. Moreover, Dachshunds were more likely to be paraplegic without sensation at presentation. The study suggests a potential link between breed conformation, anatomy, and the severity of IVDE. Sergio Gomes, Head of Neurology at Dovecote Veterinary Hospital, emphasized the importance of examining Basset Hound anatomy for insights into IVDE prevention, potentially benefiting Dachshund breeding programs and mitigating this common canine condition.

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