Source: 3 News 

Veterinarians in Las Vegas are urging pet owners to give their dogs and cats heartworm preventive medicine due to a significant rise in mosquito activity, which can be deadly for pets. The Southern Nevada Health District reported an early season peak in mosquito activity, with over 20,000 mosquitoes tested and more than 3,000 positive for West Nile Virus and nearly 50 for St. Louis Encephalitis. While these diseases are not a concern for pets, heartworm disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, poses a major threat.

Dr. Kimberly Lutz of Craig Road Animal Hospital emphasized the increased risk, noting that even one mosquito bite can transmit heartworm disease. This rise in mosquito activity has led to stronger recommendations for year-round heartworm preventive measures, which were previously more relaxed due to lower incidence rates. Heartworm disease is serious, affecting the heart, lungs, and blood vessels of pets, and can be potentially fatal.

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