Source: Feedstuffs

Stress is a major cause of inflammation in cows, leading to issues like leaky gut and damage to the throat and lungs, according to Dr. Greg Penner of the University of Saskatchewan. Gut permeability varies by location, with the jejunum and cecum being more susceptible. Off-feed events during illness, weaning, and infrequent feed push-up reduce gut barrier function and can impact intestinal morphology. Dr. Penner highlighted that systemic inflammation can trigger or result from gut, mammary, and lung issues, reducing overall animal health and performance.

Dr. Rand Broadway from USDA-ARS Livestock Issues Research discusses how stressors like heat, transportation, and diet changes lead to gut dysbiosis, causing issues like reduced feed digestion, leaky gut, and immune activation. He found that feed additives, like live yeast, can mitigate the negative effects of stress on immune activation and pathogen growth. Dr. Devan Paulus Compart from Papillon Agricultural Company emphasizes using feed additives to support gut health, including prebiotics, probiotics, and more. She stresses the importance of blends for consistent herd performance and outlined tools for detecting gut dysbiosis on the farm. The discussion provided insights on identifying and managing gut dysbiosis in cows through various approaches.

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