Source: People

Seneca Park Zoo’s 6-year-old Masai giraffe, Kipenzi, diagnosed with cancer in the summer, has given birth to a calf, as announced in a press release. The newborn’s gender is currently unknown, but it is reported to be nursing well, walking normally, and displaying energy. The zoo’s veterinarian, Dr. Chris McKinney, emphasized the need for a careful evaluation of the calf once bonding with the mother is established, as the initial weeks are delicate.

The Animals of the Savanna building at the zoo will be closed for a few days to facilitate bonding between Kipenzi and her calf. Another pregnant Masai giraffe at the zoo, named Iggy, is also expected to give birth soon. Kipenzi’s birth comes after being diagnosed with cancer, undergoing a biopsy that tested positive, and receiving groundbreaking treatment to stimulate her immune system to attack the tumor. This marks the first use of such treatment for a giraffe.

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