Source: Vet Candy 

Spay Today, a nonprofit spay/neuter clinic that operated for 18 years and sterilized nearly 78,000 animals, has closed its surgical facility due to an inability to secure a veterinarian partner. The clinic, which provided low-cost, high-volume sterilizations, had a staff of five full-time members and one part-time technician. Veterinary surgeon Krystel Riggione, the only vet on staff, ended her tenure on May 30. Despite its success, Spay Today faced ongoing challenges in retaining Veterinary staff, leading to its closure on Friday.

The clinic’s largest client, Pitt County Animal Services, relied on Spay Today for up to 1,000 animal sterilizations annually due to a 2010 ordinance. The closure will also affect the county’s Trap, Neuter, Release program for feral cats. Local veterinarians have agreed to provide surgeries at discounted rates to mitigate the impact. Spay Today’s closure highlights a broader Veterinary shortage, with nearly 2,000 veterinarians retiring annually and a projected shortage of 15,000 veterinarians over the next decade. The clinic’s board is considering establishing a voucher program to assist low-income pet owners and support feral cat sterilization. Despite the closure, the community remains committed to finding new ways to support animal welfare initiatives.

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