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With summer approaching, family vacations are on the horizon, and many plan to bring their pets along. Dr. Ruth, “The Pet Vet,” offers tips to ensure smooth travels with pets. First, verify that your destination and lodging are pet-friendly, checking for restrictions on pet numbers, size, or being left alone. Ensure your pet’s health and vaccinations are up-to-date, and obtain necessary health certificates for out-of-state or air travel.

When packing, bring enough food, treats, bowls, collars with ID tags, leashes, beds, toys, health certificates, and medications. For car travel, consider a booster seat for small dogs or a travel safety barrier for large dogs. Acclimate pets to car rides with short trips, using treats and praise for positive reinforcement. For plane travel, familiarize your pet with their carrier. Always microchip your pet and keep contact information updated. Never leave pets unattended in cars to prevent overheating. With careful planning, traveling with pets can create cherished family memories.

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