Source: American Veterinary Medical Association

The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) released its 2023 compensation and benefits survey results, indicating increased salaries for hospital administrators and practice managers compared to 2021. Hospital administrators saw a 13% rise to a median salary of $85,000, while practice managers experienced an 8% increase to $65,000. Other non-veterinarian staff also received higher median salaries, reflecting the tight supply of clinical staff.

However, this trend is expected to stabilize. The survey also highlights varying wages based on years of experience, with some positions seeing increases with more experience. Benefits such as Veterinary care discounts are common, while child care expenses are rare. Most Veterinary hospitals contribute to health insurance costs and offer paid time off, with office managers and practice administrators receiving a median of 15 days off. Practices are adapting compensation structures to retain valuable employees. The report is accessible to VHMA members and nonmembers alike.

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