Source: dvm360

Cedrick Harvey brought his cherished American Paint Horse, Koche, to Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine due to recurring colic symptoms. Despite being healthy until March 2023, Koche began exhibiting signs of pain. Local veterinarians couldn’t diagnose her, leading to a referral to Texas A&M’s Large Animal Teaching Hospital (LATH). There, advanced diagnostics revealed a cantaloupe-sized stone in her colon, a condition called enterolith, likely caused by a diet high in alfalfa and calcium-rich water.

Dr. Dustin Major performed successful colic surgery, removing the stone. Koche’s recovery was credited to collaboration between local vets, LATH, and Harvey’s advocacy. Timely intervention is crucial for colic cases, as untreated conditions like enterolith pose lethal risks. Koche spent a week at LATH before returning home, highlighting the importance of prompt and comprehensive Veterinary care for equine owners.

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