Source: dvm 360

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) awarded Texas A&M’s Veterinary Emergency Response Team (VET) $10,000 for their response to the historic Smokehouse Creek fire in the Texas Panhandle and dedication to Veterinary education. The fire, which burned over 1 million acres, led the VET team to deploy 36 faculty, staff, and students to assist affected animals.

They treated 672 cattle and 271 other animals for burns, respiratory issues, and more. VET, formed in 2010, has deployed 26 times, aiding animals in disasters like wildfires and hurricanes. Director Deb Zoran emphasized the importance of NAVC Gives’ support in enabling rapid response and training future veterinarians in disaster preparedness. The team’s deployments serve as valuable learning experiences for students in emergency response and management.

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