Source: dvm360 has released its 11th annual Top Pet Names Report, analyzing millions of user-submitted pet names. The 2023 trends reflect pop culture moments, with pet owners naming their pets after athletes, movies, food, and millennial nostalgia. Taylor Swift-related names saw an increase, with “Taylor” rising by 21%, “Swift” trending up 133% for cats, and “Swiftie” making its debut for dogs.

The most popular dog name is “Charlie,” surpassing “Max” for the first time. “Luna” remained the top name for female dogs and cats, while “Oliver” became the leading male cat name. Professional athletes inspired names like “Kelce” (up 135%), honoring NFL players Jason and Travis Kelce. Other influences include Wednesday Addams, Barbie, Ken, Drew Barrymore, and food-related names like “Beer” (up 330%) and “Green Bean” (up 217%). The report covers pet names in various countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, and Italy.

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