Source: ABC 7 Eyewitness News

Dr. Carol Bloom, a pioneering veterinarian, has spent 57 years breaking barriers in a field traditionally dominated by men. Born on a farm in Michigan, Bloom’s early exposure to animals fueled her passion for Veterinary medicine. Despite discouragement from educators who insisted “ladies don’t become veterinarians,” Bloom persisted, earning her license in 1966. Alongside her husband, Donald, she established Bloom Farms, renowned for treating racehorses. Throughout her career, Bloom faced dangers, including a head injury from a horse, showcasing her dedication.

Beyond equine practice, she utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as laser technology since the 1970s, contributing to Veterinary advancements. At 84, Bloom remains active, treating various animals at Bloom Animal Hospital. Her passion and commitment inspire colleagues, particularly women. As she approaches her 50th wedding anniversary, Bloom’s remarkable career and enduring marriage exemplify the rewards of pursuing one’s passion. She emphasizes the importance of passion in one’s profession, serving as a beacon for those seeking fulfillment in their careers.

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