Source: The Fence Post

This by Rachel Gabel article discusses two bills proposed by Rep. Marc Catlin and Rep. Karen McCormick aimed at addressing the shortage of Veterinary care resources in Colorado. HB24-1047 focuses on expanding the scope of practice for Veterinary technicians under the supervision of licensed veterinarians, with support from various agricultural and Veterinary organizations. The bill aims to clarify guidelines and allow for better utilization of Veterinary technicians, potentially increasing job satisfaction and access to care. In addition, it includes provisions for additional professional development for veterinarians.

HB24-1048 addresses telehealth services in Veterinary care, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a veterinarian-client-patient relationship for prescribing medication and providing services remotely. McCormick highlights concerns about weakening regulations, suggesting they prioritize corporate profits over animal welfare. Both bills passed unanimously and will proceed to the House with favorable recommendations.

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