Source: KLTV

The American Veterinary Medical Association warns that 70-80% of pets develop dental diseases by age three, often overlooked by owners. Dr. Seth Shirey, of Rose City Animal Clinic, stresses the significance of dental health, citing its gradual onset and serious consequences if untreated, including heart murmurs and kidney failure. Small breeds like Chihuahuas are especially prone, often requiring multiple tooth extractions due to decay.

Regular tooth brushing with enzymatic toothpaste can extend pets’ lives by preventing dental issues. Dr. Shirey recommends dry food over wet, as it helps clean teeth. Regular Veterinary check-ups are crucial for monitoring dental health. Neglecting dental care can significantly reduce pets’ lifespan, with untreated dental issues shortening life expectancy by several years. Photos of advanced dental disease in pets underscore the importance of preventative care.

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