Source: Whole Dog Journal 

When facing a non-life-threatening emergency with your dog in the middle of the night, you now have the option to consult with a veterinarian online, thanks to telemedicine and teletriage services accessible via phone or online. Telemedicine, which requires a pre-existing Veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR), allows your dog’s vet to provide guidance based on past records and may include prescribing medications, depending on state laws.

Teletriage, which doesn’t require a VCPR, helps assess whether your dog needs immediate emergency care, can wait until morning, or can be treated at home. Both services offer consultations through calls, texts, or video, but they cannot replace physical exams. They are valuable tools for making informed decisions about urgent care, especially when direct Veterinary care isn’t immediately accessible. However, if doubts about your dog’s condition persist, it’s advised to visit an emergency hospital for a comprehensive assessment.

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