A groundbreaking clinical trial led by Dr. Matt Berry at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital is investigating chemotherapy-induced diarrhea in canine cancer patients. Dr. Berry, transitioning from student to researcher, aims to bridge clinical practice and scientific research to enhance cancer treatment. Unlike human patients, only one-third of dogs treated with chemotherapy experience adverse reactions, making managing diarrhea crucial for their well-being. The trial challenges conventional treatments by providing either historical or placebo capsules to participating pet owners without prior knowledge.

Daily surveys and stool samples track diarrhea resolution and gut microbiome changes. Dr. Berry’s team hypothesizes that historical treatments may not effectively resolve diarrhea and could harm the gut microbiome. Anticipated outcomes aim to improve treatment strategies for canine cancer patients, potentially revolutionizing chemotherapy side effect management. The research underscores the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s commitment to advancing Veterinary medicine and ensuring optimal care for furry family members.

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