Source: AVMA

Urgent care Veterinary practices, modeled after human walk-in clinics, offer around-the-clock care for pets with minor injuries and mild illnesses, such as wounds, diarrhea, and allergic reactions, providing an option between regular vet appointments and emergency care. These facilities focus on conditions causing pain or discomfort, but don’t require hospitalization or major interventions. After treatment, they contact the pet’s primary vet for follow-up, referring patients without a primary vet to nearby practices.

Urgent care is not a substitute for routine care, vaccinations, or long-term care. The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine has found urgent care to be a valuable option, providing relief to their emergency room and primary care departments. While confusion surrounds the term “urgent care” in Veterinary services, dedicated practices like UrgentVet offer fast, affordable, and convenient care for minor pet issues, open during nights, weekends, and holidays but not providing wellness care, vaccines, boarding, or grooming. Such facilities can help alleviate minor cases piling up at emergency clinics or overwhelming primary care vets.

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