Source: Reuters 

The Biden administration announced nearly $200 million in funding to combat avian flu (H5N1) among dairy cows, following detections in nine states since late March. The USDA will allocate $98 million, offering up to $28,000 per dairy farm for containment efforts and testing. The HHS will provide $101 million through the FDA and CDC to protect public health and the food supply. This includes $34 million for testing and lab support, $8 million for vaccines, and $3 million for wastewater surveillance.

Despite the outbreak, the public health risk remains low, and pasteurization is effective against the virus. However, raw milk consumption is discouraged. One dairy farm worker in Texas tested positive for the virus, experiencing conjunctivitis. The USDA now requires lactating cows to test negative before interstate transport. In the first week, 905 tests were conducted, with 112 presumptive positives. The efforts aim to prevent human infections and ensure the safety of the milk supply.

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