Source: KSL 

Utah State University (USU) broke ground on Utah’s first Veterinary college, aiming to provide local students with comprehensive training in animal health. Previously, students completed two years at USU before finishing their studies at Washington State University. The new campus will enable students to complete their entire Veterinary education in Utah. Governor Spencer Cox, an alum of USU, highlighted the significance of this addition, noting it fills a crucial gap in the state’s educational offerings. The initiative hopes to address the veterinarian shortage by encouraging graduates to practice locally, particularly benefiting rural areas.

The project, inspired by former Utah House Representative John Mathis, aims to fulfill a longstanding need for in-state Veterinary education, driven by personal motivations to provide opportunities for Utah residents. The state-funded building, costing an estimated $77 million, is expected to be completed by summer 2026, marking a significant step in bolstering Utah’s Veterinary services and agricultural health.

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