Source: American Veterinary Medical Association

Seven-year-old Mary Stegmueller, diagnosed with a rare brain stem cancer, dreams of becoming a veterinarian. National Veterinary Associates’ (NVA) Community Pet Hospital orchestrated a special day for her, including an honorary Veterinary degree ceremony from Colorado State University, white coat ceremony, and AVMA membership. Mary assisted in examining animals, enjoyed meeting pets, and learned about Veterinary medicine.

The event brought joy to Mary and her family, leaving a lasting impact on the hospital staff. Despite her illness, Mary remains positive and even gave a presentation at school about her experience. CSU provided her with a private tour of their Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Mary continues to visit the hospital, spreading cheer and selling Girl Scout cookies. Despite her declining health, Mary’s spirit remains strong, embodied in the hashtag #MaryStrong, symbolizing her resilience and determination to help others even in her own battle.

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