Source: Axios Detroit 

Susan Sayles’ Veterinary practice is expanding amid high demand for pet services, despite difficulties in hiring. The national Veterinary industry faces a staffing shortage worsened by the pandemic pet adoption surge. Approximately two-thirds of households own pets, according to the American Pet Products Association. During the pandemic, clinics encountered stressed and aggressive clients, prompting some staff, particularly vet techs and receptionists, to leave the profession.

In Michigan, the number of veterinary establishments rose slightly from 945 in 2012 to 966 in 2021, while nationwide, vet clinics increased by 8.4%. Over 60% of Michigan households own pets, averaging 1.6 pets each. Challenges include inflation, rising costs of medicine and wages, and relatively lower pay in the Veterinary field compared to human healthcare. Despite these issues, there is optimism about advancements in Veterinary medicine, which now significantly enhance pet care and longevity. Veterinary schools are increasing class sizes to address the growing demand.

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