Source: KTTN

Researchers at Colorado State University are delving into the progression of osteoarthritis in horses to potentially aid humans with similar conditions arising from joint injuries. Dr. Lynn Pezzanite and her team aim to identify markers of osteoarthritis development by examining individual immune cells in joint fluid. They hope this will allow for early detection and targeted interventions to slow the disease’s advancement. Osteoarthritis affects a majority of older horses and is a common reason for Veterinary visits.

By studying immune cells, the researchers believe they can identify the disease before it shows up on X-rays, offering a critical window for intervention. This research could translate to humans, allowing physicians to predict and prevent osteoarthritis following joint injuries, enhancing treatment strategies and potentially improving outcomes. Pezzanite envisions a future where joint fluid analysis could determine individuals’ risk of developing arthritis after injuries, enabling proactive treatment approaches.

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