Source: Today’s Veterinary Business

Merck Animal Health, in partnership with the American Veterinary Medical Association, conducted its fourth Veterinary well-being study, revealing a mix of positive and challenging findings within the Veterinary profession. The study involved 4,636 veterinarians and 2,271 Veterinary team members. Encouragingly, the results showed high levels of job satisfaction and pride among Veterinary teams, with nearly three-fourths expressing career satisfaction and 92% taking pride in their work. Over 53% reported a high level of well-being. However, challenges include a shortage of qualified Veterinary team members and the stress caused by burdensome student debt.

Veterinarians’ burnout levels were similar to the general population, but their exhaustion levels were higher. On the positive side, over 80% felt their work contributed positively to others’ lives, and relationships with co-workers were described as warm, friendly, and supportive. In addition, more Veterinary team members now have mental health insurance and access to employee assistance programs compared to 2017. Overall, efforts by Merck Animal Health and the AVMA to support Veterinary well-being appear to be yielding more satisfying careers for these professionals. Initiatives like MentorVet, supported by Merck, aim to help Veterinary professionals manage stress and burnout.

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