Source: VHMA

The Veterinary Hospital Management Association (VHMA) has released its 2023 Compensation & Benefits Survey Report, focusing on associate veterinarians. The survey, distributed to 4,163 VHMA and Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society members, received 470 completed questionnaires (11.2% response rate). Key findings for full-time associates in 2023 include a median annual compensation of $125,000 (4% increase from 2021) and a median of 1,693 annual hours worked (7.1% decrease from 2021).

Part-time associates earned a median annual compensation of $97,500, with a median of 846 annual hours. Compensation varied by type of practice, experience, and location. The report also covers vacation time, benefits, on-call compensation, and relief veterinarian wage rates. The survey series includes reports on managers and non-DVM staff.

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