Source: SCI AM

The mystery of what fills the dreams of dogs and cats remains largely unsolved. Unlike humans, animals don’t keep dream journals, and there’s no technology to decipher their brain activity during sleep. Harvard dream researcher Deirdre Barrett suggests that only dogs and cats likely dream, primarily during REM sleep. However, their dreams may not mirror human experiences; for instance, dogs might dream about scents due to their reliance on smell.

David Peña-Guzmán from San Francisco State University emphasizes the uniqueness of animal dreams, shaped by their distinct sensory experiences. Barrett proposes that pet dogs dream about daily interests like food and play, while cats may dream about hunting or basking in the sun. A notable study on cats suggests they dream about stalking prey. Although pets may dream about their owners, it’s expected to manifest differently between dogs and cats, reflecting their respective bonds. Overall, animal dreaming remains a fascinating yet elusive area of study.

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