Source: Health Day

A study published in Human-Animal Interactions suggests that 1 in 10 homeless individuals own pets, highlighting the importance of providing joint healthcare services for both. Joint clinics, free Veterinary care, and pet-friendly lodging are proposed solutions. The research, focusing on 44 homeless pet owners in Seattle, revealed that 61% were interested in pet healthcare, surpassing their own interest at 43%. In addition, 90% expressed willingness to attend combined Veterinary and human health clinics.

Lead author Dr. Michelle Kurkowski emphasized the benefits of companion animals in reducing loneliness and depression among the homeless. However, barriers such as transportation and pet care hinder access to services. The study, conducted by Dr. Kurkowski at UTHealth, aimed to identify the needs and challenges of homeless pet owners to guide future interventions and support efforts.s in their purchasing decisions, indicating a shift towards more health-conscious and environmentally friendly pet food choices.

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