Source: Bovine Veterinarian

The 21st Century Animal Health Symposium at the University of Illinois gathered over 125 veterinarians, industry leaders, and academia to contemplate the future of Veterinary care. The symposium addressed the challenge of redefining how Veterinary care is delivered, emphasizing the need to consider both care givers and receivers. The Veterinary industry’s productivity has not kept pace with the growing demand for care, resulting in overworked and dissatisfied veterinarians. The adoption of medical technologies has improved patient care, but increased workloads, contributing to professional dissatisfaction.

To address these issues, a Center for Veterinary Innovation is being developed to promote the sustainability of the Veterinary profession and improve access to care. The center will foster collaboration between universities, the profession, and industry to find innovative solutions and technology improvements. The goal is to reinvigorate the Veterinary industry to meet 21st-century challenges and ensure the well-being of animals while supporting veterinarians. This initiative emphasizes the importance of embracing technology and enhancing the engagement of veterinarians in their roles.

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