Source: Psychology Today

Fifteen years ago, parvovirus-infected puppies in animal shelters faced almost certain euthanasia due to traditional infection control measures. Driven by a desire to save these animals, veterinarian Ellen Jefferson established the first parvo puppy intensive care unit (ICU) in her home in 2008, using her bathroom and bathtub. Despite skepticism, the home-based Parvo Puppy ICU focused on providing medical support, including fluids and antibiotics, as there was no direct antiviral medicine.

The success of this unconventional approach led to the development of parvo protocols at the Austin Pets Alive! facility, saving over 80% of infected puppies annually. Challenges included overcoming misinformation in shelters and facing pushback from the Veterinary community, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to address canine parvovirus in shelter settings.

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