Source: dvm360

Zoo Atlanta has commenced the construction of its new cutting-edge Veterinary complex, to be named The Rollins Animal Health Center, in recognition of the substantial support provided by The Gary W. Rollins Foundation, which invested $3 million into the project. The center aims to replace the existing Veterinary facilities and offer state-of-the-art technology, research capabilities, and academic partnerships. The Zoo’s President and CEO, Raymond B. King, emphasized the significance of the center in enhancing Veterinary care for over 200 species, highlighting its role in upholding the zoo’s reputation for excellence.

The project garnered significant philanthropic contributions, amassing nearly $21 million towards a $22 million goal, with donations from entities like the Lettie Pate Evans Foundation, The Sara Giles Foundation, and The Zeist Foundation. The center will house advanced amenities such as laboratories, radiology, surgical areas, a CT scanner, animal holding spaces, and quarantine dens. Furthermore, it will facilitate research, externship/internship programs, and collaborations with academic partners. Construction, which began on July 27, 2023, is anticipated to conclude by summer 2024.

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